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Hospital Discharge and Enablement Care

Hospitals may delay discharge due to the lack of insufficient home support. This can place additional stress on the person who needs to be discharged and /or their family as well as burdening the NHS through bed blocking by patients who are medically fit to return home.


At Polly Care, we have trained and experienced staff who can provide our clients with good quality service. This is whether the discharge was at short notice or a planned discharge.

Our services include:


  • Meeting the client on arrival at home, completing an initial assessment, provision of care and support the client to settle back at home.

  • Discuss with the client, their relative or friend as well as our office staff, what additional care and support may be needed in both the early stage and or the longer term.

  • Overnight or Live-in care if required.

  • Working in partnership with GPs, District Nurses and other professionals to be able to provide the client with the appropriate support they need and reducing the chances of hospital readmission

  • For the client with minimal or no family support, our first visit may include personal care, domestic help plus more. Please visit our service page for more information.

Enablement Care

At Polly Care, our aim is to help our client through the Enablement service to regain lost skills and confidence typically after hospital discharge. Short term planned intensive support packages are put in place for up to six weeks in order to maximise people’s independence following a period of illness, disability or loss of confidence following a period of hospitalisation. The service also helps people avoid going into hospital for non-medical reasons. 

Our staff are trained to provide our client with the right support they require for the duration of the time the care is needed.  The support and care plan is personalised to the client with an outcome which will implement progress towards their full independence. 


With daily/weekly monitoring and evaluation of the client’s progress, our care staff will feedback to the care coordinator for the support plan to be reviewed as required.

Choosing Polly Care means

·       An alternative to a care home

·       A wide range of home care support

·       Fully trained and caring staff who respect you and your home

·       A unique and personal service available as and when you need it - 24 hours, 7 days            a week


Contact us for more information about Emergency Care and the services we provide 

Call us on 02086851777

Polly Care Services Ltd

Room 9118 Access House 141 Morden Road

Mitcham CR4 4DG

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